The DiNelly eXoGyro System


  • TurboProp DiNelly TP 260
  • ROTAX 915is Turbo injection
  • Rotary double engine 210shp
  • Rotary high power engine 110shp
  • constant-/automatic speed prop
  • 4,7m² panorama glass
  • 4 doors
  • adjustable rotormast
  • 5,7" EMU glass display
  • 10,4 " glass display
  • 9 x analog instruments
  • up to 3 x bottom hatches
  • bottom windows
  • aerodynamic V-tail
  • up to 5 seats
  • 1,6m³ / 2,^m³ cargo bay
  • 156l fuel
  • Can Aerospace
  • high efficient rotor system
  • sensorik hatches
  • AC aircondtition
  • 3KW power supply
  • APU fuel cell
  • JET A1 | A | B - fuel
  • low noise emission
  • high end composite production


Technical specifications of the DiNelly eXoGyro System


The model eXoGyro is world´s first professional 4 door UL gyrocopter mission platform, which serially is equipped with minimum 2 hatches at the cargo bay.

Prepared for installing aerial sensing equipment, Lidar sensing, special camera systems, mounts, special sensors,gas leak detection, stretcher, e.g.

Up to 185 kg equipment weight in the cargo bay, additional to the Pilot and Operator in the front. Also the powersupply standard will support 12/28V - 160 A automatic controlled by power management of the APU fuel cell.

The certified Rotax 915is Turbo aircraft engine, works high effcient due to brand new injection technology combined with the turbo. As result the concept of the eXoGyro, perfect aerodynamic, high end rotor system, aerodynmaic V-Tail, adjustable center of gravity coordinated with the Rotax 915is turbo injection engine, you will get low cost operation, high endurance standard up to 10 hrs, ant a maximum operation hight of 23.000 ft.


The eXoGyro System is developed, angineered and certified by WAIDHOFER to be the most efficiency low cost mission aerial platform worldwide, which support a cargo bay with 1,6m³ and a payload of 185kg mission operation equippement combined with the safest flight performance according to Clean Sky.

















  • MTOW: 490 -750 kg (depend on national reulations )
  • Certification: ultralight
  • Engine: ROTAX 915is Turbo - 135hp incl. reduction gear
  • side rudder: aerodynamic V-tail
  • elevation stailizer: active V-tail
  • rotor system: 2 blade / 4 blade (in one lever = 1 x CL center lift )
  • ruggedized gear: widht 2,03 meter
  • lenght eXoGyro: 5,70 meter ( nose to V-tail )
  • cabin inside dimesnions: 1,15H x 1,48W x 2,25L meter
  • empty weight: 263kg - 325kg depend on configuration / certification
  • Vne: 217km/h
  • Fuel standard: 156 liter
  • Auxiliary fuel tank: 220 liter
  • Rotor blades: high performance 6,9 meter, 8,4 meter, 8,6 meter
  • Avionic: 9 x analog, 1 x 10,4" glass display, 1 x 5,7" glass EMU
  • Communication EMU - ECU: CanAerospace
  • Propeller: fix pitch, constant speed, (low noise)
  • 4 doors
  • 1,6m³ cargo bay (including attachment points)
  • power supply 14 / 28V - 160
  • Composite high end monocoque (more than carbon or aramid)
  • double fire wall
  • Explosion proof fuel tank
















  • 4 doors
  • 4,7m² panorama glass
  • 1,6m³ cargo bay
  • cargo bay up to 185 kg payload
  • panorama bottom windows
  • 2 hatches
  • 10,4" master glass display for mission operation
  • 5,7" EMU CANAerospace connected to ROTAX 915is
  • 9 x analog avionic instruments
  • 2 x seats (1 x pilot + 1 x operator)
  • 156 liter fuel tank
  • adjustable center CG (center of gravity)
  • ruggedized gear
  • gear track widht 2,03 meter
  • GCSC - Gyrocopter Comfort Space Cabin (1,15H x 1,48W x 2,25L meter)
  • 14/28V - 160A power supply
  • ergonomic energy absorbing seats (absorbing rotorsystem vibrations)
  • low emission concept (noise, emissions, vibrations)
  • ROTAX 915is Turbo - 135hp ( certified state of the art injection aircraft engine to operate up to 23.000 ft cervice ceiling )
  • TurboProp DiNelly TP 260 (250shp)
  • 3kW poer supply



  • low operating costs: aprx. $ 150,--/ hrs
  • up to: TurboProp 250shp
  • jump start able / VTOL
  • low infrastructure required
  • maximum wind stability
  • low requirements for pilots
  • low pilot training costs
  • no downwash - no brown out
  • low pilot license upholding costs
  • no STC´s required
  • THE Aircraft of the 21st century


The DiNelly eXo - Products

Emily - recreational flying

Charly - aerial fire fighting

Huxly - aerial sensing




Nelly - military / Gov operation

Molly - transport / logistic

Dusty - agriculture / aerial precision farming




Lucy - police operation

Lilly - trop transporter

eXoDrone - flying taxi

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