• CEO & Product Owner: Richard Waidhofer
  • CSO: Jörn J. Follmer
  • CASO: Peter Göllner


Richard Waidhofer [ CEO & Product Owner ]


In 1978, Richard Waidhofer II was born in Gmunden on the Traunsee. The majority of them grew up in Steinbach am Ziehberg. He spent his schooling at the Bundesrealgymnasium Kirchdorf and obtained the business diploma after three and a half years.


In the course of his diploma degree, Richard Waidhofer was successful at the Austrian Armed Forces, where he successfully tested the “Military Aircraft” section of the Army Academy, with the Patroullie Domjan in 1999. He successfully passed the civil service and service examinations and the BMLVS Federal Ministry of Defense and Sports). At the same time, Waidhofer began his career in aeronautics as an entrepreneur in 2001 after a successful graduation of the military pilots’ pilot school at Zeltweg.


In parallel, Richard Waidhofer successfully completed the Federal Sports Academy in Linz and Innsbruck as well as the Austrian Aeronautics School in Graz. Immediately after graduation as state dipl. Coach, he was given the opportunity to lead an ÖSV A-squad ski racer from the injured status back into the World Cup and became very well known as a coach.


In the course of further education, he completed his training as a certified AutoCAD 3D designer and specialist for lightweight construction and composite materials. Numerous advanced training courses have been completed at technical colleges, industrial and commercial chambers, institutes. At the TUM (technical university of munich), Richard Waidhofer lectured on the topic of lightweight construction, flight system dynamics. For the design of aircraft, aviation engineering, aerodynamics, air traffic control, air operator, product owner, Mr. Gieroge Spyrou (Airship Management Services) and Mr. Dr. Hermann Künkler (Leading engineer of MBB / EADS / IABG).


As an entrepreneur, Waidhofer began the marketing and operation of airships, their development, and the construction of stratellites, such as the Skyship 600 and the Augur RosAeroSystems AU12 / AU30, in the aviation industry, LTA (Lighter than Air) In 2004, his first patent application “Supporting structure for aircrafts lighter than air” took place, which is still being used more and more, especially with increasing lightweight construction. This was followed by other successful companies which are still active, such as an internationally successful communications advertising and press agency with well-known references from sports and business.


The strategist Richard Waidhofer decided to become an investor from 2006 onwards. As a result, he has already actively entered the market of Dronen / UAV / UAS since 2006 and is still active today. For over a decade, he has provided advanced research, development, design, certification and engineering services for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and suppliers and research facilities.


End of 2011 much of it the decision of the engineering service as a company DiNelly as manufacturer / OEM for aircraft on the market to be active. The project “WAIDHOFER eXoGyro” was born and was founded exclusively by Waidhofer and pro rata by its business partner, h.c. Dr. Jörn. J. Follmer, funded. In a timely manner, Waidhofer designed and developed the “WAIDHOFER eXoGyro” aircraft system, which was recognized worldwide in trade magazines as a “start of a new era”, especially for the fields of application MedEvac, Aerial Sening, Survey, Agriculture, precision Farming. For the “WAIDHOFER eXoGyro” aircraft system, Richard Waidhofer set up his legal expertise gained at the Luftwaffe, and, in coordination with the Minister of Transport and the Ministry of Transport, changed the aviation law, led the national increase of the MTOW from 450 kg to 560 kg.


Due to his breakthrough in performance, he became a leading aviation engineer for the Antonov State Company or KSAMC during the negotiations for the licensing of the eXoGyro with representatives of the Ukrainian government and the management of Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KSAMC) in the Ukrainian Authority to become. The eXoGyro aircraft is still unique worldwide. Since the beginning of 2016, new engineering services have been carried out on Red Bull AirRace racing aircraft, LTA prototype engineered, reengineering of the eXoGyro as well as the military cargoversion of the eXoGyro.





Peter Göllner [ Chief of Aerial Sensing ]


While following his aerial survey consulting activity Peter Göllner has served as Aerial Sensing Specialist as well as Sales Director for the Latin American market for DiNelly. He is responsible to position the organization in the global airborne sensing market. Prior to DiNelly Peter was appointed VP International Business of Geokosmos, an aerial sensing company headquartered in Moscow.


Previously Peter Göllner was driving successful the growth of Trimble Navigations Ltd. GPS business in Central & Eastern Europe and Russia. Earlier Peter was responsible to develop further the photogrammetric mapping market in Latin America for Wild Heerbrug AG (Leica Geosystems today) as well as to manage and strengthen the local dealer network.


At the Intergeo Leipzig 2007, Richard Waidhofer has had also a meeting with Peter Göllner due to the requirements and realization of a professional gyrocopter for aerial sensing operation. This was the first meeting between Peter Göllner and Richard Waidhofer.


2011 Peter Göllner joint the Team of the company Raecon of Richard Waidhofer. Peter Göllner is since the first minute part of DiNelly and eXoGyro team and chief of aerial sensing at DiNelly.


Peter Göllner is a Geodetic Engineer by education.





Jörn J. Follmer [ Chief Sales Officer - commerical & executive Market ]


Jörn J. Follmer completed his studies of Business Administration in Germany and the USA with an MBA degree in 1991. He started his work experience as a Management Consultant with Kienbaum Unternehmensberatung. At that time he did have his first insights into the aviation industry, being part of a team dealing with the privatization of Aeroflot Russian Airlines in Moscow in the early 90s. Subsequently he was Vice President and co-owner of an industrial holding, privatizing numerous firms from the Treuhandanstalt in Eastern Germany. The focus there was on restructuring and involved various M&A deals and real-estate sales. Between 1997 and 2002 Jörn built up, headed and sold a major cell phone company to a NASDAQ-listed investor, collecting insights into SEC compliance and regulations.


Between 2002 and 2007 Jörn built up and headed a logistics company which he exited via IPO on Deutsche Börse. Having been involved in various positions as founder and manager of growth SME’s, his interest shifted towards the capital markets. As non-executive investor he initiated and managed 2 listings into the ‘Open Market’ segment of Deutsche Börse in 2006/7.


In 2007 Jörn became Managing Partner and co-owner of CdC-Capital, a full service-provider for capital market services. As official Listing Partner of Deutsche Börse Jörn originated and completed more than 40 IPO’s and listings with subsequent fundraising in excess of € 2 bn for the issuers. Jörn has also been involved with listing activities for CSE, Canada, OTC-Markets, USA and others. His extensive network into professional investors – HNI’s, assets managers, FO's - made him a valuable resource for many small cap issuers. From 1989-1998 Jörn has been a shareholder and member of the advisory board of Bankhaus Löbbecke and since 2002 he is a Business Angel (BAClub Berlin). In 2010, Jörn was appointed by exequatur of Germanys Foreign Minister as Honorary Consul. As part of the Consular Corps he is well connected with Governments and authorities around the world and NGO’s. Jörn holds a Sport Pilot License. He has become part of DiNelly in early 2012 and is co-founder of DiNelly Aircraft Inc.





Perry DiClemente [ Chief certification officer - US Market ]


Perry DiClemente is an aircraft designer, angel investor and entrepreneur, with over 35 years of multidisciplinary aviation experience from design through manufacturing. Starting as a Naval Flight Officer, he pursued his Bachelors and Masters in aerospace engineering then worked for McDonnell Douglas Corporation as a senior configuration specialist on new aircraft and updated existing ones like the F18 E/F. Mr. DiClemente enjoys working on new aircraft development programs including the Eclipse Model 500 VLJ; the ICON A5 amphibious Light Sport Aircraft and the Department of the Navy SeaScout seaworthy unmanned aircraft.


Mr. DiClemente has over 35 years of experience, as Upper Management and Senior Configuration Specialist/Integration Engineer with extensive experience in multiple disciplines in the development, analysis, testing and certification of major air vehicles. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is a senior aircraft design generalist and mentor working in many areas of aerospace engineering, aircraft design and integration in both commercial and military programs.


DiClemente learned to fly as a Naval Officer and is an aircraft owner/operator and holds a B.S.A.E and M.S.A.E in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. He served as Senior Configuration Specialist at the McDonnell Douglas Corporation (1999 Robert J. Collier Trophy) and was their first certified conceptual designer running many successful prograT There, he developed and managed many new air vehicle and technology programs.


Perry DiClemente helped start Eclipse Aviation, as their first employee, serving as Director of the Integration Services team and accountable for eight disciplines. He was the key designer to establish the air vehicle. He then assisted the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center as a Program Manager leading the group’s largest program and assisted in the development of new product development expertise to the group.


Utilizing his vast technical and managerial new product expertise he formed Air Vehicle Integration, Inc (AVII) in 1995, a veteran owned aerospace consulting company. Some programs included the SeaScout, an unmanned seaworthy air vehicle that was first to autonomously land in history. Additionally he led the design effort of the ICON Aircraft Model A5 amphibian LSA; winner of the 2009 IDEA award (Industrial Design Excellence Award). In addition to running AVII he is currently assisting 3 startup companies and working on his own new startup.

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Perry DiClemente
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Peter Göllner

Aerial Sensing | CASO

Geodesy engineer

Perry DiClemente

Aircraft design

Aviation engineer

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Engineering | certification

Aviation engineer

Jörn Follmer - WAIDHOFER-exogyro

Jörn Follmer

Sales executive | CSO

MBA business economist

Richard Waidhofer

Richard Waidhofer

Product Owner | CEO

Aviation design engineer



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