Our development strategy aims at providing products and services which meet the specified requirements of our customers in terms of their quality, reliability, performance and environmentally friendly concept. The objective is to have a manufacturing programme with minimum impact on the environment.


The principles of the company's strategy in the area of environment protection have been formulated in the "Quality and Environmental Policy" – a document binding on all employees, persons and organisations working in the company's premises. By declaring the Policy, the company has expressed its commitment to the process of continual improvement and pollution prevention as well as to the fulfilment of relevant requirements of legal regulations and other requirements applicable to the company, effective utilisation of natural resources, protection of water, soil, air, and occupational health and safety. The process of handling waste and chemicals as well as the measures for cases of accident or emergency are an integral part of the Policy.



To fulfill this commitment we have implemented the environmental management system stipulated by, and we hereby undertake the following:


  • to continually improve the environmental management system and to integrate the environment protection in all business activities of the company,


  • to enforce the requirements of environmental regulations with our suppliers,


  • prefer prevention over follow-up measures,


  • to reduce the sources of risks, and to prevent accidental or emergency states,


  • observe valid legal regulations and other requirements applicable to the company,


  • to implement the environmental management system in all activities of the company,


  • to motivate, educate and hold our employees responsible in terms of compliance with the environmental policy,


  • to strictly follow emission limits stated by legal regulations,


  • to inform the public, interested parties, and all persons and organisations working for the company of the environmental policy and its implementation,


  • to handle the waste and chemicals in accordance with legal regulations and other requirements.




The established environmental management system, individual processes and activities are reviewed at specified intervals in order to remedy any technical or organisational deviations, to ensure continual suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the environmental protection, to define opportunities for improvement, needs of changes in the environmental management or environmental policy, targets and objectives. Our present and future processes and activities are and will be planned, assessed and supervised from the perspective of environmental aspects and targets.


We implement and will implement actions aimed at continual reduction of the environmental burden by our operations. Our business activity is based on professional knowledge and experience of our personnel who implement the principles of environmentally-friendly approach on our products from their design to procurement, production and their dispatch to the customer.


We undertake to monitor and control the pollution sources which cannot be eliminated yet, in order to minimise their emissions to the values compliant with the threshold limits. The industrial water we discharge has been cleaned and treated to meet the limits stated by law. We try to reduce waste, sort it, and pass it for further processing and utilisation.


We minimise the utilisation of substances which are specified as dangerous, and replace them by environmentally friendly substances and materials. Within the company premises we maintain grass plots and trees which create pleasant environment for our employees and enhance the overall image of our company. We also try to persuade our suppliers to implement the environmental management principles. We continuously cooperate with state authorities in fulfilling the notification, reporting and approval duties stipulated by applicable legal regulations and other requirements.

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