Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a priority for DiNelly Aircraft Incorporation. In its activity, DiNelly Aircraft Inc. is dedicated, in the long run, to fulfilling the corporate social responsibility concept with regard to all of the four basic pillars: regional, social, economic and environmental responsibility. DiNelly Aircraft Inc. has voluntarily committed to treating environmental protection with full responsibility, to creating equal opportunities and a generally positive environment within its organisation, but also to supporting culture, sports, education and socially or physically disadvantaged groups. It goes without saying that we are committed to transparency in dealing with our clients and suppliers.


DiNelly Aircraft Inc. supports a range of operations within the region, most of them being not-for-profit organisations, cultural associations, schools and educational establishments, facilities for the elderly or the disabled and sports clubs. The company has a responsible approach to the region; its philosophy is to support as many associations as possible, albeit with smaller amounts, rather than to focus on the costly sponsorship of a single sports club or organisation.


We make no distinctions and fight discrimination against any employee on the grounds of their race, colour of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, language, faith and religion, political or other opinions, membership or activities in political parties or political movements, trade union bodies or other associations, nationality, ethnic or social background, property, family, state of health, age, marital or family status or family responsibilities.


We ensure equal treatment of all employees in terms of their working conditions, remuneration for work, vocational education and opportunities for functional promotions or other career advancements.

We have introduced quality management and environmental management systems governed.


Specified product families are subject to supervision and acceptance procedures conducted by representatives of aviation authorities, the Germanischer Lloyd,and Lloyds' Register, depending on specific requirements of individual customers.





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Perry DiClemente
Hermann Künkler - WAIDHOFER-exogyro
Peter Göllner - WAIDHOFER eXoGyro

Peter Göllner

Aerial Sensing | CASO

Geodesy engineer

Perry DiClemente

Aircraft design

Aviation engineer

Hermann Künkler

Engineering | certification

Aviation engineer

Jörn Follmer - WAIDHOFER-exogyro

Jörn Follmer

Sales executive | CSO

MBA business economist

Richard Waidhofer

Richard Waidhofer

Product Owner | CEO

Aviation design engineer



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