GCSC - Gyroccopter Comfort Space Cabin


THE DiNelly Emily

High end technology from the Emily at your recreational SuperGyro







The model Emily will not only do justice to its name, but it also sets new standards in flying a gyrocopter. The world's only luxury in the form of a luggage compartment of unique 1.6m³ or other possible 3 seats for your fellow children. The Gyrocopter Comfort Space Cabine offers not only unique safety, but also an incomparable space offering, which is defined by a UV and unsafe 4,7m² panoramic glass.


DiNelly eXoGyro Emily, the performance and premium brand of DiNelly, combines sporty dynamics and high-quality refinement details with the advantages of a standard air vehicle from DiNelly. Manufacture characteristics and engineering skills are part of the DNA - and this has been the case for over a decade.






  • Performance power up to 160 hp, CAN aerospace controlled with only one power lever, therefore you will have the ressources to enjoy the outlook and flight charachteristic of the DiNelly SuperGyro.


  • 4 doors with 1.6m³ luggage compartment or with 3 additional seats for your children, you will be able to open up completely new and unique dimensions in the planning of your recreational activities.


  • The matchless and unique GSCS - Gyrocopter comfort Space Cabin - gives you an unexpected feeling of spaciousness. The dream of flying and freedom now begins with the luxurious GCSC - gyrocopter comfort space cabin - due to the liberty in the cockpit of your DiNelly SuperGyro.


  • With a luggage compartment in a dimension of usable 1,6m³, accessible due to the rear doors, from left and right side you have to rethink your holiday plannings around yor DiNelly SuperGyro.


  • 4,7m² panorama glass are complementing the spaciously gyro comfort space cabin. With a maximum of 1% UV permeability combined with the powerful air conditioning system, you will have best overview and outlook in an air-conditioned cockpit.


  • A aerodynamic V-tail will complete the great performance and flight dynamic at low moving to enjoy the great outlook thru the panorama glass just as the exactly control around 110 kts to enjoy the flight charachteristics of a gyrocopter.


  • We offer you most modern state of the art engines like the Rotax 912is, 915is and DiNelly Tauros with injetion technology controlled by ECU -Engine control Unit - connected with the EMU - engine management unit - by CAN aerospace protocol. Finally you will have acomfortable one lever control of your engine and powersetting.


  • Our performance and safety optimization did not stop at the engine installation, we develop and engineer to your superiority high performance rotor blades, rotor systems and propeller. Therefore we do have at our design engineering a focus at the reduction of noise and low vibration.
  • low vibration


  • With OPED GmbH in Bavaria we developed and engineered in the year 2012 unique energy absorbing seats which fits perfectly to and safe you a comfortable long flight trip. The last low vibrations transmitted to the seat by the rotor system are absorbed by the energy-absorbing seat and thereby protect your spine.


  • Our Intelligence cockpit design gives you another feeling of liberty and safety even as pilot or passenger who enjoy the DiNelly SuperGyro. Nine times analog instruments conveys a familiar feeling those are combined and conncted to the central 10,4" glass display. Also at the center of the dashboard also there you will find the 5,7" EMU - engine management unit - to have everytime automatically the engine datas in your field of view.


  • Large bottom windows will support you at your job as pilot in each situation. Parallel these large essential bottom windows allow your and your passenger a further outlook allow you to get a better view of the sights or nature of your unique flight.


  • To enjoy the performance of the DiNelly SuperGyro around the world in each climate conditions we support the SuperGyro with an powerful air conditioning system with 2.400 watts cooling power also with a engine autark heating system with a heating power range from 900 watts up to 2.400 watt. In the case of pilots "bad weather conditions" the SuperGyro allows you to sleep inside.



... enjoy to fly the best 4 door gyrocopter all over the world


THE DiNeLLY eXoGyro Emily

DiNelly eXoGyro Emily


The 4-door Emily a professional gyrocopter is reliable, economical and easy to maintain. Emily a two-bladed or four -bladed rotor system. The Emily`s spacious 56,5 ft³ capacity baggage compartment along with the powerful Rotax 915is or DiNelly Tauros engine give operators greater utility. The lightweight Rotax 915is aicraft engine operates on readily available MOGAS, AVGAS, E10, delivering increased reserve power, additional payload and improved altitude performance. The Emily meets the current crashworthiness regulations and features the latest in DiNelly technology including streamlined instrument panels, energy absorbing seats and crashworthy bladder fuel tank.





DiNelly eXoGyro Emily





18,7 ft


2,98 m

9,78 ft

Widht Cabin

1,48 m

4,86 ft

Lenght cabon inside

2,20 m

7,22 ft

Widht max. (gear)

2,03 m


access height

50 cm

1,64 ft

Maximum Take-off weight (MTOM)

560 - 750 kg

1.235 - 1653 lb


aerodynamic V-Tail

aerodynamic V-Tail

Panorama glass

4,7 m²

50,6 ft²

UV-transmission panorama glass

< 1 %

< 1 %

Max. payload

285 - 480 kg

628 lb - 1.058 lb

Sinlge engine configuration (aviation certified) | R

1 x Rotax 915 is turbo charged | 1x 135 hp | injection

1 x Rotax 915 is turbo charged | 1x 135 hp | injection

Single engine configuration (aviation certified ) | R

1 x Rotax 912 is | 1x 100hp | injection

1 x Rotax 912 is | 1x 100hp | injection

Single engine configuration | DT

1 x DiNelly Tauros | 1 x 160 hp | injection

1 x DiNelly Tauros | 1 x 160 hp | injection

Consumption at 75% - R | DT

17 | 19 | 36 ltr

4,5 | 5 | 9,5 gal

Max Speed VN/E

235 km/h

127 kts

Cruise speed (VC)

187 km/h

101 kts

Minimum operation speed

37 km/h

20 kts

Climb rate (subject to ISA SL and engine)

9-17 m/s

29,5 -46 ft/s

Wind conditions - safe operation

up to 100 km/h

up to 54 kts

Service Ceiling (crew oxygen required)

7.100 m

21.000 ft

Maximum operation altidue without oxygen

7.100 m

22.300 ft

Max. Range at 75% (6.000ft)

1.650 - 3.950 km

1.030 - 2.460 miles

Flight endurance (auxiliary tank)

8 h (21 h)

8 h (21 h)

Fuel consumtion at 75%

17 ltr

3,52 gal

Fuel tank standard

2x 78 ltr

2x 16,5 gal

Auxiliary tank

2x 110 ltr

2x 24,2 gal

Fuel grades



take off distance (over 15m | 49ft obstacle - ISA SL)

30 - 300 m

98 - 985 ft

landing distance (over 15m | 49ft obstacle - ISA SL)

0 - 50 m

0 - 164 ft


1x Pilot (Ulralight gyro pilot licence)

1x Pilot (Ulralight gyro pilot licence)

Seats (front row + 2nd row)

1x Pax front, up to 3 Pax at 2nd row

1x Pax front, up to 3 Pax at 2nd row

Luggage compartment

1,6 m³

56,5 ft³

Rotor diameter 2 blade

8,4 | 8,6 m

27,5 | 28,2 ft

Rotor diameter 4 blade

6,2 | 6,7 m

20,34 | 22 ft

Rotor system

low vibration | composite | high performanse | NACA8H12

low vibration | composite | high performanse | NACA8H12

Propeller diameter

up to 175 cm | constant speed | automatic

up to 69 inch | constant speed | automatic




Avionik standard configuration

9x Analog + 1 x 10,4" + 1 x 5,7" EMU

9x Analog + 1 x 10,4" + 1 x 5,7" EMU

EMU Avionic Suite

EMU by Stock Flight Systems

EMU by Stock Flight Systems

Heating system

engine-autonomous | 900 - 4.000 Watt

engine-autonomous | 900 - 4.000 Watt

Air condition system

cooling power up to 2.400 Watt

cooling power up to 2.400 Watt










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